Find a Maize Quest Cornfield Adventure Near You

Starting with our first corn maize in New Park, Pennsylvania, Maize Quest has great maze locations throughout the United States and Canada. Each Maize Quest corn maze is hosted by a local farmer providing you with an excellent corn maze experience. Every Maize Quest maze is more than a walk in the stalks, we offer themed mazes and educational displays, pictures and games.

If you are interested in making a cornfield maze of your own, Maize Quest also offers maze building and other services to field owners who need help getting started. Whether you’re a veteran maze-maker looking for a few pointers, or a first-timer getting their first crack at maze making, we have all the tools needed for a successful harvest.

Browse our site to find local corn maze and embark on your very own Maize Quest today! If you operate a corn maze on your farm and want to make it safer, download our corn maze safety kit for free.

2885 New Park Road Maize Quest New Park, PA 17352 Maize Quest Info: 866-WE-LOSE-U
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