Find a Corn Maze near York, PA.

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Looking for a Corn Maze & Fall Harvest fun? 
Find a Maize Quest Corn Maze at Maple Lawn Farms in New Park, PA 17352
This farm is within an easy drive of York, PA. Each of our Maize Quest Corn Maze farmers has a unique set of attractions and activities. The corn maze is just the beginning, but it is a maze like no other!

Why to visit a corn maze.
The maze is an ancient art form created by people thousands of years ago. Today the maze has been reborn at Maize Quest. Your family or group works together or competes as teams along the way.

Our corn mazes aren’t just a walk in the stalks, they’re adventures! The cornstalks are the backdrop for a themed experience that’s different every year. Go on Safari or hunt Pirate Treasure, Escape the Pharaoh or Journey Down Under! Read more about the adventure INSIDE the corn maze.

Some mazes have bridges, some tunnels, some have slides, but every maze provides a safe environment to enjoy your family time together. Imagine the joy on your friends faces when you conquer this life-sized puzzle!

But really, what corn mazes?! The maze is the great equalizer. Often when you take your family or group to a movie, mini-golf, bowling or other regular activity, SOMEONE is left out. The movie is too young, too grown-up, too violent, too boring for one member  even if the rest of the gang likes it. 

In the corn maze, everyone gets to participate. We've design the adventure to include educational games that are still FUN! Each game activates a different age participant, so everyone gets to play. The most amazing aspect of the corn maze is that a 3-year-old has just as much chance of picking the right path to take as a grown-up! Everyone's on a level playing field.

Now’s the time to plan your Maize Quest Corn Maze Adventure. Click over to the map and find directions to the Maize Quest location nearest you. Then call the farm folks to plan your journey.

2885 New Park Road Maize Quest New Park, PA 17352 Maize Quest Info: 866-WE-LOSE-U
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